Seton Shawls

St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish Shawl Ministry

See our calendar for the next Shawl meeting


Our monthly meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month (see the calendar for changes)
in the new building across Independence Blvd to the west of the church.
Short prayer/devotional starts promptly at 7 pm

There is also a group formed at Our Lady of the Angels Parish,
at the parish office, on Alma ,just north of Legacy,
every Thursday morning - 9:30 to noon.


Please take a moment to check out the pictures taken at the Seton meetings.
Please do not use the pictures or any information taken from these pages
about our members without permission from the ministry.
Thank You.

June 2004 meeting pictures

July 2004 meeting pictures

September 2004 meeting pictures

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Feb 2005 Blessing of the Hands

March 2005 meeting pictures

We have received many nice Thank You notes

Article in the Plano Star Courier

July 2005 Newsletter from Tish

August 2005 Newsletter from Tish

September 2005 meeting pictures

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January 06 Blessing of the Hands

  May Newsletter - New location

 May 2006 pictures

See the January 2007 newsletter here

See the April 2007 newsletter here

(includes recipe for Resurrection Cookies)

Service Projects

Blessing of the Hands Feb 2007

Tish's response to the Blessing of the Hands

Tish's letter Sept 2007

Tish's letter Feb 2008

Tish's letter March 2008

Tish's letter Feb 2012

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St Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish

Beautiful threads, by Tish Allen

Weekly Evaluation Worksheet

Joseph Shawl Pattern

(good for crochet and to use up leftover yarn)

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Thanks, ladies,
boasting in God will bring us more members and more shawls!
and sharing our successes and our trials will encourage others to join our ministry or to start ministries in their own organizations.

Id really like to see some other journal pages on here besides my own and Kathy;'s.

Tish says we have done thousands of shawls, surely there are some great stories out there.

Please email your Journal page to Shawl maker



Journal Pages

Journal Page 1 by ac

Journal Page 2 by ac

Journal Page 3 by ac

Journal Page 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 by ac

Journal Page 1 by kathy


I invite all the Seton Ladies, OLA ladies and friends to send in your shawl journal entries

so that we can all pray for the shawl recipients.